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How to choose your frames?

When choosing a prescription eyeglass frame, there are several factors to consider. Here are some important points to keep in mind:

  1. Face Shape: The shape of your face greatly influences the choice of frames. For example, round faces tend to suit rectangular frames better, while square faces may benefit from rounder frames to soften their features. See our faces guide for more information.

  2. Frame Size: The frame should be proportional to the size of your face. A frame that is too large or too small can look disproportionate and uncomfortable. Check that the width of the frames matches the width of your face and that the temples are not too tight or loose. If you already have an old frame of your own, check the size on the stem. If you see " 50-22-147 " on the frame, it means the lens width corresponds to 50 millimeters; 22 corresponds to the width of the bridge, which in a simplistic way is the cutout between the lenses to fit the nose and finally, 147 indicates the length of the temples. See our size guide for more information.

  3. Frame Material: Frames are available in a variety of materials such as acetate, metal, and titanium. Consider your preferences for style, comfort and durability when choosing frame material. In our list of articles, you will find filters on the left side of the screen (on desktop) and at the top of the list (on mobile) that allow you to select the frame material, your face type, the color of the frame, managing to narrow your eyes a little more. products presented to what best suits your needs.

  4. Personal Style: Choose a frame that reflects your personal style and complements your wardrobe. If you like a classic look, you can opt for a simple and elegant frame, while the more daring may prefer a colorful frame or one with striking details.

  5. Lens Type: Make sure the frame is suitable for the lenses you need. Some frames may not be compatible with certain types of lenses, such as progressive or higher prescription lenses.

  6. Budget: Set a budget before you start looking for a frame. There are options available for all budgets, so you will certainly find one in our product catalog that fits your budget, without compromising the other factors.

By considering these topics, you will be able to choose a prescription glasses frame that meets your visual and aesthetic needs.

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