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Ocular Prostheses / Oculoplastics

The Jorge Oculista Group has been operating since 1964. With a vast knowledge in the area of ​​Optics, the result of decades of experience and, with more than 60 experienced and qualified employees, distributed across 20 commercial spaces, we seek to respond to the needs of our customers, always guided by the excellence that characterizes us. With regard to our Ocular Prosthesis service, we have a new laboratory, which allows us to respond with the highest quality to the numerous requests of our customers. We have a personalized prosthesis adaptation service with proven results in all cases. The Ocular Prosthesis is unique, made-to-measure and personalized. Upon delivery of the prosthesis, we carry out a consultation in order to clarify the placement and removal procedures, as well as the maintenance care to be taken.
• Customized ocular prostheses;
• Standard ocular prostheses;
• Ocular thin-walled scleral prostheses;
• Epithesis prostheses (oculo-facial);
• Customized expanders;
• Customized conformers;

• Adaptation in enucleates without implants with total loss of the eyeball;
• Adaptation in enucleates with orbital implant;
• Adaptation in cases of evisceration;
• Adaptation in cases of microphthalmia;
• Adaptation in cases of opacification/calcificationp and/or phthisis bulbi;
• Adaptation in cases of exenterates;
To ensure greater comfort throughout use, we always recommend a biannual visit for revision and maintenance of the prosthesis, thus prolonging the satisfaction of our customers.
We have a laboratory based in Vila Nova de Famalicão and service offices in Porto and Vila Nova de Famalicão.
Rua Adriano Pinto Basto, 200, 4460-114 Vila Nova de Famalicão
Rua Pedro Homem de Melo, 185, 4150-599 Porto

For more information contact us:

912 113 022
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