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Ophthalmic lenses

The ophthalmic lenses we offer are produced with the highest quality available. We only work with the most recognized brands on the market to ensure you have access to the best solutions.

When choosing the ideal lens for your glasses, it is important to consider your habits, needs and, of course, your budget.

  • Index 1.50: ideal lenses for lower prescriptions, however, they do not offer good performance at higher diopters. They are sensitive to impacts and scratches.
  • Index 1.50 trivex : it is a more resistant material than polycarbonate, providing lightweight lenses with 100% UV protection, ideal for lower prescriptions.
  • 1.60: These lenses are thinner, providing more comfort and better visual aesthetics. Furthermore, they offer UV protection and good resistance.
  • 1.67: Recommended for those who have more than 4 degrees of myopia or hyperopia, these are thinner lenses than polycarbonate, trivex and 1.60 lenses. In addition to anti-reflective treatment and UV protection, they are more durable.
  • 1.74: With a high refractive index, these lenses provide an even reduced thickness, making them ideal for those with more than 4 degrees of myopia or hyperopia. They are also break-resistant and offer UV protection.

To purchase your prescription glasses independently in our online store, we currently only have Zeiss lens options, however if you want other solutions, please contact us.

Please note that depending on the selected frame and the necessary correction, our specialists may recommend a different type of lens, so even when purchasing independently in our online store, you will always be contacted by one of our optometrists to validate the information. in order to ensure that the manufacturing of your prescription glasses is adapted to your needs, providing you with the best possible experience.

For more information about the type of frame to select, see the following article .

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