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Faces guide

Choosing the right glasses frame can make all the difference in your look and comfort. Here's a basic guide to help you find the perfect frames for your face shape:

  1. Oval Face:

    • This face shape is well balanced and versatile, as almost all frame styles look good.
    • Try square or rectangular frames to highlight your facial features.
  2. Round face:

    • Look for frames that create an illusion of lengthening your face.
    • Rectangular or square frames with defined angles can help provide a more angular appearance.
  3. Square face:

    • Opt for round or oval frames to soften the strong lines of your face.
    • Avoid hard corners and opt for more rounded styles for a more balanced look.
  4. Heart Shaped Face:

    • Choose lighter, more delicate frames to balance the wider upper part of your face.
    • Aviator or cat-eye style frames can be good options for this face type.
  5. Rectangular Face:

    • Look for frames that add width to the lower part of your face to create a more balanced appearance.
    • Round or oval frames can soften the angular features of your face.

Always remember that these are just general guidelines and that the most important thing is to choose a frame that you like and feel comfortable in. Try different styles until you find the one that suits you best!

Consult the size guide to find out which size is ideal for you!

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